Selection: In order to offer you a wide and complete range of product adapted to your taste and those of your customers, we are able to source our green coffee from various origins. This enables us to propose a huge variety of high quality blends.

Blending: We have years of experience and know that blending green coffee is of major importance, so we do this with great care under the watchful eye of our master taster.

Roasting: We roast the selected beans to perfection in order to develop aroma and attributes which will later be a base of our instant coffee.

Range: We supply a complete range of instant coffee products.
  • Spray-dried:
  • Granulated:
  • Freeze-dried:
  • Decaffeinated
Throughout all stages there is rigorous quality-control to ensure the delivery of the finest coffee blends - on-time and on-specification.

Jars: We have a large range of jars to suit your requirements. Click an item to view image.